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Real Estates- The Better Method of Profit Making

Livelihood and income of every family draws new lines of varied graphs which are cluttered by many reasons such as poverty, single person earning in family, low income. But barriers can surely be overcome and to find a substitute path is always to look forward. The higher the income results in better living but low income can also transforms into a better living. In many tough situations, shadow of gloom prevails on our faces. It needs patience to handle crisis. The concept of real estate is relatively new which draws new lines and tearing out the confines of fixed mindset. It calls for a new kind of investment and an engaging mind. It is full of varied prospects making a person to go through the pathway of ups and downs in engaging the business of real estate. But when something is plunged into thinking of long term purpose, then it surely yields a positive outcome. It allows a person to make a strong battle and to identify the proper business procedures. It will be gradual process to know about the right techniques of procedures. Good things take a spell of time to test patience over greed and through hard work it will mount into a profitable business. When one is finding a job boring or wishing to go for extra income then one can surely find and look out for the benefits of investing in real estate. Diversifying business profits is a good option. The entrepreneurs are perfectly to be fitted to go for the beneficial aspects of real estate. Though it does not always is that glamorous job but it surely is applicable for building wealth. Real estate is a lucrative source of income but only if one gives it a right direction. The journey of playing with the real estate is long process as one has to know to nurture it, how to evaluate it and how to finance the properties those are bought. It gives a good turnout when the savvy investors do the homework before and browse property lists frequently. Diversification and Asset allocation are two prime terms which the investors should follow by. This helps to mitigate risks and achieve higher turnouts with safer investments. There are many valid reasons to invest in real estate like it includes the investment in Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT), Tenancy in Common Investments and also the process of flipping which refers to the process of selling and fixing property. Planning and decision making are very crucial whether each detail of work will be done by own or can be done better with the help of experts.

The beneficial aspects of investment in real business are:

1. Real estate’s put the courage and boldness to walk away from mundane work life pressure and not getting worried about income or financial stability.
2. Making free time to oneself and the freedom is given by doing real investment business and issues like health and going for healthy habits can be pursued.
3. It allows one to take break from work when finance is not a hurdle.
4. Interest based work can be rolled out and it can be balanced between views and options are much more.
5. Early retirement can be enjoyed by investing in real estate and following a less structured life. Real estate is safe to build financial security.

Why to Go for Real Estate Investment in Mohali?

Investing in real estate has proved to be a highly attractive and advantageous decision. It comprises of three times more prospects of making money n comparison to any other forms of businesses. Even with the help of your skills and experience, it will be possible to face and sort out the risks that are in association with this particular type of business

Factors Making Real Estate Investment Less Risky

When compared to other forms of investment, real estate investment in Mohali comprises of lower amount of misadventure. It is traditionally considered to be a highly stable and rich, provided you take it seriously. Vital factors that make real estate investment less risky include:

• Location
• Socio – economic factors
• Market behavior
• Population density of area
• Low inflation
• History regarding land appreciation etc.

Geographical area that comprises of plenty of resources along with low mortgage rates has a good reason for investment. But a condo that is burgeoning under high rate of inflation needs in-depth research prior making investment. It is great that a real estate property in Mohali can be easily procured with a nominal budget.

Introduction to High Ratio Financing

You may easily utilize the remaining amount for holding high security to the property. In economic terms, such a deal is known to be as High Ratio Financing. It is very much important to calculate the high ratio mortgage insurance by getting into touch with Indian Mortgage and Housing Corporation. If required, the condo can be easily purchased against hundred percent mortgage price. A real estate investment, especially when it is a condo will prove to be a highly pleasurable experience. It will provide you the golden opportunity to learn each and every detail for convenience. You will be gaining a good experience regarding the best ways of becoming a good investor.

Real Estate Investment – Not Time Taking Adventure

Real estate investment is not at all a time taking adventure. In other words, it will not t all take out all your energies until you are prepared and foresighted to take full swing adventure. By being vigilant enough, you may save a lot of your precious time. At the time of good market conditions, it will be better to make a judicious investment. Do not forget to go for some sort of market research and initiate small adventures. Also, you are supposed to take out time to calculate the total time invested for real estate negotiation. In case you end up by investing more time, then better to go for working out on the same again. There is real estate strategies that will let you carry out things in the right manner.

Leverage in Real Estate in Mohali

Leverage in real estate in Mohali implies the act of investing a part of money followed by borrowing of the rest from other sources. You may also opt for other people’s money, also known as OPM. There have been instances when people have become duly rich by applying for OPM leverage principal in a practical manner.
In case the lender is in a ready state to sell the property, the total proceedings that result from the selling of the property generally covers the mortgage amount in a comfortable manner. Also you will get tax exemptions by investing on real estate property.

4 Dazzling Features of JLPL Property in Mohali

Janta Land Promoters Limited JLPL, in short, is the prominent and prestigious real estate company having Government of Punjab approved residential and industrial projects in Mohali. It has the biggest residential and industrial projects in Mohali which meets the demand of today’s world. It provides a pleasant living among the green and pollution-free environment with safety and security. It meets all the wishes of modern India in terms of technology, safety and security, accommodation, amenities, resources and all. JLPL fulfills the desire of better living, establishing business industries and build an empire and the trust and quality in work are the reason why JLPL is successful real estate enterprise today in Mohali.

A better lifestyle with modernity is the desire of every person and JLPL has a capability to fulfill all these desires in the most effective and efficient manner. Either you have a household needs, or you’re building a business, commercial use or anything else, JLPL have solution for all your real estate needs and it provides the most advanced and modern projects to the people who wishes to live among it.

Let’s take a look at 4 dazzling features of JLPL Property projects in Mohali:

Size and Structure

Either it’s a residential project, commercial project or an industrial project in Mohali, JLPL comes with mind-blowing architectural features in both projects. JLPL provides unique design, size and structure of the property that suits the need and demand of the residents and the business owners. The size and structure are shaped according to the nature of projects. Either its own residence or your industry or factory, you do not need to comprise with the size, JLPL provides the sufficient size and shape.

Environment & Surrounding

In case of residential or industrial project, the buyers’ looks at the environment and surrounding of the property after examining the estate and when they find the property is surrounded by greenery and healthy environment, then they do not take a single time to book the property. JLPL understand this point of the buyers and build the surrounding of the property accordingly. So that buyers can benefit the smiling and blooming environment.

Amenities and Facilities

JLPL also performs well in the field of Amenities and Facilities while choosing the location of the property. An ideal location of the property is where the amenities and facilities are available and it is sure that you do not need to adjust with these points if you’re dealing JLPL Property in Mohali. All the prominent areas are closed to the property like market and shopping centers, Airport, ISBT and railway station for the residents and also proper resources for the industries. Along with that, you get fair transportation facility of public transport, auto, buses and cabs to move one place to another. Also, it has fair electricity and water supply and parking facilities.

Authorized Projects and Authenticity

JLPL understands the emotions and values of the people in terms of their property. JLPL has all properties authorized by the Government of Punjab this is why JLPL is the most trusted brand in Mohali having wide range of residential, commercial and industrial projects.

INR 1,794-cr push for IT City in Mohali

Punjab Chief Minister, Capt Amarinder Singh promised that there will be "Ghar Ghar Naukri", as many as information technology firms will invest Rs 1,794.6 crore in the upcoming IT City in Mohali. This will generate at least 3,700 jobs. All 46 IT entrepreneurs from all over the country had already been allotted land and many of them have also begun work on setting up shop here. So it is expected that Mohali will be the next IT hub of the country after Bengaluru, Pune, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Chennai and Gurugram. There are all the basic facilities like Availability of skilled manpower, world-class road, rail and air connectivity, excellent urban infrastructure, 24×7 power supply, uninterrupted communication facilities and conducive environment available in IT City Mohali and these facilities has attract IT companies from far-flung areas, including Hyderabad, to set up operations here. Once all the IT/ITES entrepreneurs start their operations from IT City, their presence is expected to attract an investment of Rs 1,794.6 crore and generate employment for 3,700 IT professionals.

IT companies which are operating from Mohali are Edifecs, Seaasia Consultants IDS Infotech, Nath Outsourcing, Quark, Smartdata, Kiran Foreign Trade, Emerson Electric and SPAN Infotech. In order to facilitate the presence of IT industry in Mohali, the IT policy of the Department of Housing and Urban Development provides for land allotment and other concessions. The reserve price of the land, allotted on a freehold basis, beginning from Rs 2.25 crore per acre for bigger plots, goes to Rs 5 crore for smaller plots measuring up to 1 acre. There will be easy installments for payment, spanning over a period of over seven years. As IT sector being a source of employment and economic activity, the Department of Housing and Urban Development, spread over 1,672 acres in the south of Mohali. The land under villages was acquired on December 13, 2011. The development works have been completed, by Larsen & Toubro Ltd on January 28, 2016 at a cost of Rs 301.43 crore.

Investing in real estate has proved to be a highly attractive and advantageous decision. We, Sri Sai Estate offering plots for IT Services. Net area of about 400 acres will be used for IT industries. Size of IT plot vary from 0.5 to 50-Acre. GMADA has already floated 80 industrial plots in the first phase while the other plots of various sizes will be launched in the second phase of the project. So Hurry up! GMADA industrial Plots Available limited Inventory!

IT Hub of Punjab-Mohali

Mohali is one amongst the foremost lovely cities of Punjab, India. This town additionally got fashionable the name of Ajitgarh in 2012 .it had been formally named once SahibzadaAjit Singh, the eldest son of Guru Gobind Singh. SahibzadaAjit Singh Nagar may be a town adjacent to Chandigarh, eighteenth District in Punjab, India. At the side of Chandigarh and Panchkula its kind a neighborhood of the Chandigarh, Tricit, it had been earlier a neighborhood of the Rupnagar District, and was lapidarian out into a separate district within the recent years. Punjab government has once more modified the name Mohali to SahibzadaAjit Singh Nagar.

Mohali has emerged united of the foremost necessary cities in Punjab and therefore the remainder of northern India; it's developing speedily as Associate in Nursing IT Hub of the state. Special stress has been created by the authorities to create this town the most effective place to measure within the Punjab. Town additionally has several international sporting venues consisting of a powerful cricket arena, hockey arena, indoor stadiums, links and therefore the freshly designed Mohali International field.

Following the success of Chandigarh's sector style, SahibzadaAjit Singh Nagar (Former Name Mohali) was equally planned into identical 800-by-1200 m sectors. Several have however to be totally developed, as is that the case of sector 62, that is earmarked for a future industrial central city. Its proximity to the PCA arena, yet as unmatched transportation links to Chandigarh create it an appropriate selection.

While Mohali homes several state-local corporations like PTL (Punjab Tractor Limited), ICI Paints, and therefore the Godrej cluster, its name as a home for big, international companies is growing.

Aero City Mohali is developing with a thousand acres of combine land use development adjoining two hundred wide road connecting Chandigarh International field. Gmada Aero town Mohali initial urban residential estate close to the forthcoming international field gets its name The Aerocity is found on each side of the 200-foot-wide road ranging from Sector 66-66-A to Chhat village on the Chandigarh-Patiala National Highway-64.

Aerocity Mohali Plots summary

A total of 3950, are going to be assigned through a draw of heaps at a reserve value of Rs twelve thousand per square measure (Rs three hundred thousand per marla).

Aerocity Mohali Plots for Sale Details
  • Project Name: GMADA Aerocity Developer:
  • Location: close to International field, Mohali
  • Plot Size: 100/111/125/150/200/250/300/400/500-SYD
  • In Commercials, 121 Yards SCO sites & sixty Yards Bayshop Sites area unit on the market
  • Project Size: half dozen.9 metric linear unit long and zero.66 metric linear unit wide
  • Development Contractor: Larsen and Toubro Possession of Aerocity plots mohali is already offered
Plot for sale in Aerocity Mohali Investment Prospects

The spotlight shifted on the locations round the new International field in an exceedingly huge approach in 2015 once the field became operational luxury living at its best.starting from Sector 66/82 to Village Chatt. additional World Trade Center has already purchased eight Acres in Aerocity from GMADA at a value of 131 Crores, for World Trade Center Chandigarh, Gmada Aerocity plots area unit suggested for each investors yet as end-users as combination of location & costs area unit terribly profitable.

4 Things to Focus On When Purchasing the Property

Purchasing a property is a tough job. Individuals purchase land for a large number of reasons.As though sparing cash for the objective isn't sufficiently burdensome, you need to concentrate intensely to choose what to purchase - a developed house or a flat in construction or a plot.

To purchase land for Real Estate Investment results to be an extremely sensible choice. A land is a rare asset nobody can produce a piece of land in the blink of an eye. The supply of land is extremely restricted with numerous purchasers competing to buy a plot or property. In India, individuals purchase land to meet financial duties in a long run. It sounds exceptionally energizing. However, the choice to purchase accompanies its own benefits and de-merits.

In this post, we will talk about four key focuses which each purchaser ought to consider before he purchases property in Mohali.

Size of the Plot

In case you are hoping to purchase a plot for living reason in a coming future, it is best to first comprehend your prerequisite. Guarantee that you get checked of how much land i.e. construction area you would require for constructing your fantasy home. Geography is another key element to consider while purchasing the plot.

Area Value

If you are purchasing a plot for investment purpose than the area is a key to the rise in value when the market is steady, the estimation of a plot will increase after some time. As buying up a plot is less demanding than constructing a building, the cost of your plots in Mohali is probably going to rise quickly in a limited time period. This implies you can leave investment risks much earlier.

Comfort Place

Purchasing property from a developer can spare you a lot of money. It's essential to foresee all future improvement cost and wipe out astonishments. Is water provided by the city is by private water organization? Will electric power be accessible at your property area?

When you look for IT city Mohali plots for sale, the cost of foundation and modern conveniences is a part of the property as it has shared community esteem. It is easier than building up the land yourself


The essential distinction amongst plot and flat is that in case that something turns out illegal in flat, you have different proprietors alongside you to battle mutually though if there is any trouble in case of a plot, you are the only owner to battle legal disputes. Thus, it is crucial to comprehend local laws identified with plot purchasing. On buying a plot, please guarantee that land transfer documentation is finished to maintain security for you from future issues. All the legitimate beneficiaries of the land proprietor ought to be party to transfer the ownership.

Also, documentation ought to dependably be directed by a qualified legal advisor having practical experience in land transfers. As land is a significant asset which is frequently grasped by other purchasers, you ought to be searching for a legal advisor who is vivacious and quick to solve your concerns and to fulfill that your investment is a secure one.

Offering Residential Plots at Aerocity Mohali by Sri Sai Estate

With life becoming busy day by day time is the most precious thing. We want to save time in every aspect of life including while travelling. And this is the reason why today people prefer to travel by air than by other means of transport while travelling long distance. And life will be smoother if your residence was somewhere close to the airport. Are you living in Mohali and having these same thoughts? Then here is a golden opportunity for you to turn these thoughts into reality by books for a residential plot at Aerocity Mohali through Sri Sai Estate.

Sri Sai Estate is a real estate firm who has been guiding home buyers for over 10 years. They have been successful in their ventures because of their dedication and loyalty towards the customer’s investment. Today they are bringing to us the lucrative offer of buying residential plots at Aerocity Mohali where work of construction of major facilities like electricity, water supply etc. is done with 80% of overall construction being completed. Apart from the location there are additional advantages which residents may enjoy.

Facilities available in Aerocity:-
  • To ensure the secure of the residents high tech surveillance systems are installed along with appointment of responsible security personnel.
  • The community is gated.
  • Multipurpose rooms are available for different uses.
  • Kids play area has been made available much to the amazement of the little residents.
  • Gymnasium and sports facility of this project will make fitness enthusiasts happy.
  • Clean swimming pool has been made available which undergoes regular maintenance
  • To prevent harassment due to power failure 100% power backup is provided for the residents.
  • The project is so constructed that it will not disappoint people who believe in vastu.
  • If you are thinking about schooling for your kids then there are two standard schools available in the neighborhood namely Ryan school and Okridge school.
  • DPS is just three to four km away.
  • If you are in search of a posh area to shop and hang out with friends there is North Country mall situated just 4 km away from this project.
  • The location of this project is in a very advantages position in respect to availability of medical service since Max hospital is just 5 km away and Fortis hospital is 2.5 km away.
  • Mohali international airport is just 9 km distance from Sri Sai Estate.
  • The other facilities include PSIDC Industrial IT Sector being at a distance of 2 km, Chandigarh 17 sector at 7.5 km distance and IISER College at 3 km distance.
  • The great sports complex of Mohali is just 2 km away and PCA stadium is 3 km away.
  • Mohali railway station is 7 km away from Sri Sai Estate. This project is situated adjoining to New Judicial complex sector 76.
  • ISBT Sector 43 Chandigarh is just 3.5 km from Sri Sai Estate. All these factors show the prime position where the project is located.

The IT city Mohali plots for sale

The IT City project of GMADA has come up offering plots under different sectors including residential, IT industries and commercial fields. The city is situated in 82A 83A and 101A sectors that are situated on 200 feet wide road. And the project has come up with an extension of 1,688 acres among which 400 acres is contributed to IT industries and for the residential plots are allotted with 1100 acres of space. And the rest of the 188 acres is given to the commercial constructions. The mission of IT city Mohali plots for sale as GMADA is to provide the plots to the public sectors, among which 80% of the plot has been given to the landowners undergoing the land pooling process.


The project has been notified by the IT Policy-2013 on dated 30/11/2013 (Policy No. 5/13/2013-4hg1/132289/1) along with the plots allotted for IT sectors, ITES Bio-Technology and Technology based Non-Polluting/Research & Development Facilities in IT City, SAS Nagar Mohali. And the size of the plot is varying from 0.5 to 50-Acre. In the first phase 80 industrial plots are allotted and the stop the plots will be allotted in the second phase. As of now, the IT City Mohali plots wearing from 0.5 acres to 50 acres are allotted in the first phase which has already started its development. Including amendments and basic requirements like water supply, sewerage, electricity power supply and many more.

  • Project Name: GMADA IT-City Mohali
  • Developer: GMADA (PUDA), Govt of Punjab
  • LandMark: Near ISB and IISER
  • Project Area: 1688-Acre
  • Location: GMADA Sectors 82A, 83A, 101B
  • Allotment Type: Land Pooling Plots (LP)
  • Plot Size: 100/200/300/400/500-Syd
  • Size of Booth: 10/20-SYD
  • Size of Showroom (SCO) Plots: 100-SYD (18’ X 50’)
  • Letter of Intent (LOI) for Land Pooling SCO Plots
  • Mohali International Airport is 1.5 km
  • Gmada Aerocity: 0.5-Km
  • Railway Station, Mohali is 1-km
  • Railway Station, Chandigarh is 10Km
  • Mohali Cricket Stadium: 6-Km
  • Administrative cum Judicial Complex, Mohali is 8-km
  • Sector 62(City Centre), Mohali is 6-km
  • NIPER and Fortis Hospital: 5-KM
  • ISBT, Mohali is 12-Km
  • ISBT, Sector 43, Chandigarh is 9-Km
  • Fateh Burj at Chappar Chiri: 8-KM
  • Quark City and other IT Institutes: 6-Km

And IT City Mohali is situated near to 350-Acre Knowledge City Sector 81, within the city considering IISER (Indian Institute of Science Education & Research) and ISB (Indian School of Business) are equipped. Few other institutions that are a part of the Mohali are as follows,

  • NABI (National Agri-food Biotechnology Institute) in 35 acres
  • Bio-Technology Park in 80 acres
  • Management Institute in 70 acres
The interesting features of IT City Mohali

There is greater scope for commercial activities due to the International Airport situated near it.

  • Located on 5 sides of each 5 acres that are allotted for star hotels.
  • Having internal roads with 40 feet and 60 Feet wide.
  • Concerned for greenery and wide roads 47% of the land is allotted to them.
  • Situated near the Aerocity which is one of the biggest assets.
  • 50 acres of land is given to Infosys that belongs to IT sector.
  • The remaining 58 plots are given to top MNC companies.
  • IT City Mohali is developed with all amenities by L&T.